Key Criteria for Project Funding Applications

The BID Board welcome ideas for projects that contribute to the objectives detailed in the Business Plan.

All large projects have been subject to a strategic appraisal to determine how they deliver against the objectives of the BID. The projects were assessed over 15 key questions including:-

  • Has the project been promoted and/or supported by a sector group?


  • specifically contribute to one or more of the BID objectives? (above)
  • increase the number of people visiting Greater Yarmouth?
  • increase the number of people staying in Greater Yarmouth?
  • improve the visitor experience?
  • increase repeat visits?
  • encourage people to stay longer?
  • encourage people to visit more attractions?
  • provide incentives to spend more in local businesses?
  • provide opportunities to spend more in local businesses?
  • generate any income sources/match funding?
  • improve the physical environment?
  • improve the awareness of the destination?
  • benefit most sectors of the BID?
  • benefit the whole BID area (the Borough)?