Facilities Projects 2016/2017

Fritton Village Sign

Hemsby Toilets

Hemsby Beach Cleaning

Filby in Bloom

Seafront Decorative lighting

Footfall Monitoring

New ideas are the lifeblood of the Facilities/Maintenance & Access group. However the ‘ideas’ phase is often the easy bit! All ideas have to go through a rigorous scrutiny process based on the following criteria:-

1. How will this project impact on existing and new visitors? Ie will it bring in new visitors to the Borough or merely move visitors from one area of the Borough to another?
2. Are we getting visitors to come to see the project Ie where is the best site for a particular project?
3. Does the project stack up financially? Does the project generate any income to offset the cost?
4. Who will ‘champion’ the development of the project and what support is the ‘champion’ going to need?
6. If applicable who will actually project manage the project?