New Year Launch Celebrations

Every year the BID company holds a new year launch to celebrate the finalising of the marketing options for the coming year and to celebrate the achievements of the previous year and the year yet to come. Unfortunately the 2021 year launch was postponed due to the covid pandemic.

In previous years the event was known as the brochure launch however with more and more business being conducted via the internet there has been less requirement for reliance on a brochure.  This year the 2020 year launch event was held at the Wellington Bowl and was kindly sponsored by The Threadwell family. The details of all the projects that the board agreed to fund was announced followed by a very lively and competitive game of bowls with prizes for the winning team and a prize for the highest individual score won by Philip Grey.  There was also a booby prize of a bag of skittles which was won by Margaret Farrow. The food supplied by the Wellington bowl was of the highest standard all home made with vegetarian and vegan options all agreed a very successful launch and photos are below for you to have a look at.

2020 Year Launch

2019 Year Launch

2018 Year Launch

2017 Year Launch