Captains and Crews

Visiting Captains and Crew

The Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival warmly welcomes all visiting Captains and their crew to the port of Great Yarmouth on South Quay. Please use the links below to find out the information you need to make visiting Great Yarmouth for the weekend of the Maritime Festival as easy as possible.

We’re really pleased to welcome you to Great Yarmouth and hope you enjoy your visit.

Harbour Office and Local Port Information

The Peel Ports Group took over the handling of daily port operations in December 2015. Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is the trading name of Great Yarmouth Port Company Limited (GYPC).

The seaward entrances to the port are located at approximate 52° 34.5’N 01° 45.0’E. The Outer Harbour berths are operated Peel Ports; the River Port berths are operated by either Peel Ports, berth operators or private berth owners.

Harbour Office, Vanguard House, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth, NR30 3GY. Please contact this office for shipping information, berth allocation, Pilotage Exemption Certificates and all other marine Information.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1493 335501

Contact the Harbour Master

Local Port Services (Yarmouth Radio)

Local Port Services is located at Group Port Control Centre (GPCC) in Liverpool and maintains a 24-hour watch and information service on VHF Channel 12. The service is provided with AIS, CCTV and tidal monitoring. All VHF and telephone communications are recorded. All marine communications including CERS workbooks, ETAs, ISPSP pre-arrival notification, Dangerous Goods Declarations, Waste Notifications, etc must be emailed to Local Port Services on

Local Port Services is the first point of contact for emergency response within the port. Call sign: ‘Yarmouth Radio’

Telephone: +44 (0)1493 335511

See Peel Port groups website for more information on pilotage.


Pilots: Channel 12 (Call sign : Yarmouth Pilots)
Marine Services: Channel 12 (Call sign : Yarmouth Radio)
Marine Crew/Linesmen: Channel 12 (Call sign : Yarmouth Linesmen)

Crew Facilities

Domestic Waste Disposal

On Port Company operated berths, waste bins are available for the disposal of ships’ domestic refuse at the locations indicated on the Environmental Information Sheet. The quayside waste bins are for ships’ domestic waste and must NOT be used for the disposal of oily waste (including rags, batteries, paint tins and filters).

Domestic waste that has either originated from non-European Union (EU) countries or is on a vessel which has called at a non-EU port in the last two years will be treated as International Catering Waste (ICW) which is a Category 1 Waste. This waste must be separately declared and the Port Company will provide a special container.

Large quantities of domestic refuse (in excess of 1000 litres) and other wastes including oily waste, cargo residues and cargo-associated waste must be collected separately and this should be arranged through the Ship’s Agent.

All ships are required to notify their Agents, prior to arrival, of the quantities of waste to be landed at the Port. This should be done using the form available in MGN253. All waste must be declared and landed unless the declaration includes estimates of retained waste and there is sufficient capacity on board for this. Berth operators and private berth owners operate waste reception facilities provided under their own Waste Management Plans. Contact the berth operator for details.

Water Supplies

Water supplies can be ordered from Essex & Suffolk Water Company.

Sewerage Disposal

Sewerage disposal can be arranged through a number of local waste disposal firms.

General Welfare Information

An informative guide to other welfare facilities useful to seafarers.