Funding expressions of interest can now be submitted for 2024 . if you have any projects that could require future funding, please drop us an email at where we will be happy to look at your project and discuss further.

Please note we are unlikely to fund any project that only benefits a single business financially. 

If you think your project has future potential, we would discuss the following information with you

Event or Project Name
Event or Project Organiser
Date of Event or project
Time of Event or project
Location of Event or project
Estimated attendance at Event or project
Is your organisation a Legal Body?
(if not please see community policy below)
Total Event or project Cost
Investment requested
Outline of Event or project
How do you meet VGY/ GYTABIA Objectives

Visit Great Yarmouth Objectives: –

  • To increase the number of people visiting and staying in Greater Yarmouth
  • To improve the visitor experience and increase repeat visits
  • To encourage people to stay longer and visit more attractions
  • To provide incentives and opportunities to spend more in local businesses


Community Group Policy

Ideally, we would invest into a project or an event that has been submitted by a legal body, however in some cases we do fund projects for groups that are based within the borough of Great Yarmouth, but which have the following information and documentation in place within the organisation:

  1. A governing document (this could be a constitution, rules, articles of association etc.)
  2. The governing body must be made up of at least 3 unconnected individuals *
  3. The governing body must have a bank account in the group’s name with at least two unconnected co-signatories who are required to authorise any payments *
  4. We would also expect that the governing body has appropriate policies for equalities and safeguarding.
  5. We would need to be satisfied that the group has the suitable skills to deliver the project or event, in line with all legal requirements and within agreed timelines.

*Unconnected in this instance means there must be no relation either by blood, marriage, a long-term relationship, or people living together at the same address

To apply for any funding, the governing body must demonstrate that these requirements have been met, by providing copies of governance documents within the application process.