Marketing Activity 2024

Our marketing activity for 2024 will be populated as it happens so please come back to this page regularly

If you would like to see a complete years worth of marketing activity please click here Marketing Activity 2023

Below is a selection of some of our Marketing activities so far in 2024.

Hosted Journalist Trips – 2024 Publications

We host a number of journalists through our national PR campaigns, working alongside our business sector to provide complimentary accommodation, dining and attraction tickets in return for PR articles. Articles will appear here as they are arranged

Reach Plc (Mirror & Star) – scheduled – Easter 2024

Holiday and Short Break Guide 2024

Our Holiday and Short Break Guide for 2024 has been completed ready for the 2024 season and again highlights the accommodation and attractions we have to offer. Click on the image below to view.


Destination Website

We operate and manage the Destination Website which receives over 650,000 visits a year  – follow this link to view the website  Visit Great Yarmouth

National PR – 2024 – Examples

We also issue around two dozen press releases through our national PR programme, which generates coverage of the destination, examples can be found at the bottom of this article. Examples will be listed here when they are issued.


National PR – Examples of Coverage in Local Publications

Our National PR also works alongside regional and local titles outside of Norfolk and Suffolk, they will be listed here as they are published


Visitor Mailouts – 2024

We send out monthly emails to over 30,000 potential visitors on our database, listing highlights for the coming month and beyond.

Competitions – 2024

We develop competitions to raise awareness of the borough of Great Yarmouth working with our PR agencies. 2024 Competions will be listed here as the are published

Local PR – 2024 – Examples 

We undertake local and regional PR to support short breaks and day trips, as well as raise the profile of tourism with our local residents. We also send out a number of press releases. coverage will be listed here as it is published

Great Yarmouth Mercury – Looking forward to 2024 – 2nd Feb 2024

Great Yarmouth Mercury – Half Term 17th Feb 2024

EDP – Half Term 17th Feb 2024

Social Media

We have three social media platforms in place to promote the destination.

Visit Great Yarmouth Facebook

Visit Great Yarmouth – YouTube

Visit Great Yarmouth Instagram

Social Media Marketing

We are running a number of ‘Paid for Social Media Campaigns’ for 2024

We have run a Winter and Spring social media campaigns and our  Summer campaign booked for 2024,  we expect to run over 30 separate adverts please see three examples below.


Event Marketing

We support all events through our website  and our social media, examples of event marketing will be listed as it goes live.

Photography – 2024

We directly commission Photographers, Drone Pilots and Videographers to promote the destination, the footage and images are shared with the media and used to promote the destination.

Destination Videos -2024

We have a number of promotional videos, used to promote the destination, below is an example.

Other videos can be viewed here Visit Great Yarmouth – YouTube

Radio – 2024

We plan to book paid for advertising for 2024, as well as responding to arising media opportunities, radio coverage received will appear below as it is broadcast.

TV – 2024

We work closely with TV crew supporting TV productions and assisting with the locations, activities this year will appear here as they are broadcast.

Blogger/Influencer Ambassador Programme – 2024

We work with a small number of selected  bloggers on on day trips and articles, across various social media platforms,  examples of the blog posts that will  be created in 2024 will appear below

National PR List -2024

Below is a list of the  coverage gained through our PR in  national media to date, due to copyright, we are not able to post examples of printed media, some web versions are shown above. We do have a selection of press cuttings as evidence, and copies can be requested by emailing

Date Publication Reach Website Visits Estimated Value
06.01.24 The Sun Scotland 158,424 tbc
06.01.24 The Sun 1,217,029 £55,109.20
30.01.24 Muddy Stilettos (Blog) 26,759 £718.00
1,375,453 26,759 £55,872.20

If you would like to see a complete years worth of marketing activity please click here Marketing Activity 2023