Marketing Group Photo

Just some members of the GYTABIA Marketing Group. (left to right Terri, Dave, Amy, Mitchell, Kirsty, Gregg, Ken, Matt, Peter and James).

The BID consultation process highlighted again and again how important it is for Greater Yarmouth to promote itself more, both as businesses and together, making Greater Yarmouth a must-visit destination.

Destination marketing isn’t the same thing as marketing a bottle of shampoo or a car for example, as we don’t actually ‘own’ the product we’re marketing. We’re not talking about just one product either, we’re talking about a vast range of things which together make up the holiday or short break that the potential visitor is thinking about buying.

Destination marketing is all about gathering together absolutely everything that the area has to offer the visitor, then communicating the benefits of all of these in a range of different ways so we influence all the factors a visitor may take into consideration when thinking about where to go. By doing this we try to  align visitor’s aspirations with our values, visions and the things that only we can offer here in Greater Yarmouth, making it the only place they would choose to holiday.

In year one of the BID, the marketing group decided to focus our staying visitor marketing in the East of England as this is where around 30% of our visitors come from. We sponsored the weather on HEART radio in Essex and North London for six months from Easter to September, and ran six weeks of television adverts using Sky AdSmart.

In addition, to target visitors slightly nearer to Greater Yarmouth within a 1.5-2 hour drive time, we ran a 6 week radio campaign on HEART in the school summer holidays and a 6 week TV campaign on Sky.

The GYTABIA Marketing group started 2016 with an 18 week social media campaign, rolling out the themed short films we filmed last year on FaceBook, Twitter and as well as various on-line media outlets with the target of achieving at least 375,000 views.

We are also focusing on our traditional 3-4 hour drive time market coming from the Midlands. We have sponsored the weather on CAPITAL East Midlands, again from April to the end of September. We are backing this up with a TV campaign using our new TV advert running on Sky, ITV1 East Midlands and also using ‘on demand’ or ‘catch-up TV’ on Channel 5.

Nearer the summer holidays, we will start a radio and TV campaign to make sure we remind those visitors nearer to us what a great place Greater Yarmouth is to visit.

We also plan to film some more short films so that we can carry on releasing one film per month for the next 10 months.