Park & Save

The GYTABIA have devised a scheme to help drive customers to your business and offset the borough council’s car park charges for visitors and locals alike  (See All downloads at bottom of page)

Click here to link to the Park & Save page on the main Greater Yarmouth website listing all the current participating businesses in the scheme.

To explain it simply;  in each borough council car park (excluding Great Yarmouth town centre and Marina Centre) the car park ticket dispensing machine will issue an extra voucher alongside the usual car park ticket this can then be used in participating businesses i.e. restaurants/attractions/shops/services to redeem against some form of discount or offer (the offer is entirely the individual businesses decision).  These offers will drive customers to the participating businesses, the offers offsetting car parking charges and in some cases make parking free for the customer.  The voucher will be valid for a 48 hour period enabling customers to utilise the offers further afield within the borough. Please see attached ticket proofs.

For example a customer who has spent the day in Great Yarmouth and then returns to anywhere else in the borough could utilise the voucher at any shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hairdressers in fact any business within the BID.

  • Participation in the scheme is entirely free of charge so if at any time you wish to come out of the scheme there is no charge or penalty
  • We will provide posters of the car symbol for display in your premises showing that you participate in the scheme
  • The website to be used to display your particular offer relating to the scheme is the main tourism facing website and will be maintained by GYTABIA.
  • Your offer is entirely your choice and your offers can be changed at any time  however you must give 5 days notice in writing either via email or post
  • Vouchers cannot be retained by any business as they are multi use however there is a unique reference number and a date printed on each voucher which can be used for auditif they so wish

If you would like to participate in this scheme please download the form below and return to

Karen Youngs 25 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 2EN or scan and email to

If you require further details please call (01493) 846492